About Julia

Have you been working so hard, and feel like you’re seeing little progress in life?

Do you feel like you’ve been dealt a hard hand?

You have hopes and dreams, but don’t really know how to reach them?


I’ve been there. And at the same time, I have a crazy proposition. I challenge the notion of “self-made.”

The more I studied life and the moving parts of success, I started to see a consistent pattern. Nobody made it on their own without the right resources, support, and people.

Therefore, “self-made” is a misleading notion. We’re not supposed to do this on our own.

My life started to change dramatically when I stopped living in my head. My life changed when I stopped living IN my problems and started seeking help from the right people. Downloading the experience and the expertise from those who have been through something similar… sometimes even worse circumstances. I was coached by the very people who experienced extraordinary¬†metamorphosis.

The journey has been intense. I’ve had amazing breakthroughs. The successful people, who I am mentored by via their books, courses, and seminars, could never make it on their own either! And all of us, including the amazingly successful people around us, all face fear and self-doubt. Successful people take themselves out of their suffering state by having complete control over their thought processes. This realization was life-changing. My transformation process was developed from countless personal life challenges that started since I was a small girl. My challenges range from the early death of my mother, an abusive father who abused and abandoned me when I was a minor… then, my challenges grew. I committed early to a detrimental codependent relationship. At 29 with 2 children, I left the relationship, only to have to deal with the challenges of single motherhood.

However, at my lowest point, I broke the cycle of suffering and transformed myself to the point that I can no longer recognize myself. I met a mentor who coached me for 4 years. I could have never done this alone. With her help, I started the habit of investing in myself. Daily. And I became mindful of my thoughts. I found more mentors. I started to LIVE for the first time.

I came into the path of coaching for all of us who strive to better our lives. We have huge dreams. We never lose hope. And sometimes, we get stuck and need a hand, or just want to get to our desired situation faster.

Stop striving, and start living!

xx Julia