Be Courageous

Courage comes from the French Coeur, which means “heart.”

The source of courage springs from the depths of our hearts. Courageous acts come from an instinctive push. They are not formulated by calculated thoughts and weighing the odds and risks.

Your body knows all the right answers. The human senses are irreplicable machines of perfection. We store memories. We absorb what we see, feel, hear… this all turns into a vast data system where the natural algorithms, the human instinct, allow us to make the best possible decisions and actions. However, we have cleverly blocked out our all-mighty system, the intuitive and logical human senses. We blocked them out in order to not experience negative emotions. In all of our schooling career, we are also taught to only follow “logic.” The only glitch in our perfect system is that we easily become riddled with fear. With the fear virus, we repeat negative thought patterns and create self-sabotage by taking actions that do not serve us. When we do this, we are stuck living in the past.

Negative emotions are important to feel. They are excellent data for our sense’s algorithm. They are only data. They are not indicators of the future.

We resist our deepest inner desires. We resist the action and allow thoughts to merely melt down into the gutter of “what if’s.” As soon as we feel that push to try something new, share a magnificent idea, dream up of a future that seems impossible, or create thoughts of something so incredible that supports our dreams, what we do as a result is more often something completely counter-intuitive. We freeze. We stop, we settle. Many of us live this way making the most important decisions in our lives, including career, relationships, and life partners. We make our decisions based on fear, not courage. We make them based on current finances or what is known to be possible. We make decisions because our parents or others told us we should do. Other people do not have the vast data that we have, the data we have gathered in order to execute the perfect decisions that serve us the best. We make our most important decisions because we choose to believe false, limited belief systems from others that we repeat to ourselves in our heads daily. With fear, we create our own cage.

The best momentum is created by riding on the flow of that push of courage. Surfing and trusting the waves. Allowing the flow to take over.

The best results, the results that we are the happiest about, are achieved from decisions of courage. No matter what obstacles come our way, when we are acting out of courage we will not doubt ourselves. We become indestructible. Fear disguises as “realism” and other mental and emotional blocks. We only comprehend possibility based on our past experiences, unless we allow ourselves to open up and meet the possibility of the future. We see the future first, taste it, and create it in the present. In this regard, the past is irrelevant.

Start with small courageous actions daily. Do what you know is right, not easy. Eat healthier. We all know the formula to a healthier body. Move more. Stop shopping. Resist the urge. Clean up your closet, workspace, and all those hidden places where mess accumulates. Our space is a representation of what is going on in our minds. Allow your creativity and do what makes you happy. Free yourself to paint, draw, write that book – without the fear of failure or not being good enough. Without the fear of needing approval from others. A life of courage is a life well lived.

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