Why these books?

These are my top picks when it comes to emotional success and happiness. If we want other types of success, such as having a great social circle, a successful career, a great love relationship, or wealth accumulation, it’s critical that we have the right habits and mindset. These books are the essential, the nuggets of gold, that help us cultivate a successful, happy mind.


1. Psycho-Cybernetics

This is THE book that has helped countless people I know recover and thrive after divorce, traumatic events, humble beginnings, and in some cases, help one particular mentor make $18 million this year. 6 years ago, he failed in his business and was broke and in $50K debt. This year, he bought himself an island in the Caribbean. This is one of top 4 books he recommends.

When I read it, I understood why. This book is not about business and accumulating wealth. It all has to do with cultivating the self to set a fine foundation for a fulfilling, happy life that we desire, whether that’s marriage, having children, changing or flourishing in a career… whatever that may be.

The author, Dr. Maltz was an accomplished plastic surgeon who became very interested in the internal transformation of his patients after surgery. He noticed that some patients were not able to see themselves as attractive even after surgery gave them the perfect features they desired. Some patients who desired surgery did not even need it. He found himself studying psychology more and more in order to help his patients until it became his area of expertise.

What was it about the patients who were able to feel fully satisfied and confident after surgery? They were able to let go of their past identity and sense of self, and be able to make a mental transition to become who they desired to be. Others who were suffering were ones who were stuck in the story of their old self-image they kept replaying in their subconscious mind.

The book delves into the habits and mindset of happiness. It’s an excellent read overall, and an indispensable teacher of happiness in my experience. It’s an underground happiness book that is far from being mainstream. I hope to bring it to attention to more people who seek dramatic transformation in their lives.

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