Just the Beginning



One of the reasons why I decided to create this blog is because of something incredibly valuable that is almost never talked about.

Many of us long for an answer. We seek mentors. We seek the right people. We hear a lot of voices.  There are many people who have done amazing things, with our best interest in their hearts.

Who should we listen to? So many opinions, options, and advise conflict.

Find the one who understands you.

Find the one who has walked your path.

Find the one who knows your pains, struggles, and challenges.

Find the one who has all of the above, and has achieved what you can only dream of.

Otherwise, as valuable as opinions and successes may be, they may not help us.

I realized this valuable lesson after years of tuning into different people. People who didn’t suffer my pain. People who didn’t understand my brain, my heart, and my being. They share how it worked for them. They share what changed their lives.

With entire honesty here. A woman who has been violated for her femininity cannot take advise from men who have been handed the advantage and safety of being male. Especially being a white male. As a woman who had to fight for every right in this modern society cannot relate to the advise of women who had secure childhoods with protective parents.

This is my valuable advise. If you want your life to explode and grow exponentially and reach your true potential, listen to the voices of those who understand your pain. It took me so long. So many lows, some highs, but above all, when I started listening to the right mentor, no matter how much I thought she was wrong, in the end she knew more about me than I could ever know myself. That is the power of leveraging the right resource, support, and experience that fits.

There is no such thing as self-made. That is the biggest misconception in the entrepreneurial world.

Behind every success, there is a team, or at least one person who loved, coached, believed, helped, cared. There is support. The greater and more nurturing the support network, the better.

Never think you make it alone. If you don’t have family, friends, or anyone, find the one who can guide you, or at least walk the path with you, to become who you want to be. This is the starting point. It’s just the beginning.

Thrive on.

xx Julia