Ode to Orchids



People often get me orchids. Coincidentally, every potted plant I have received have been orchids 2 out of 3 times. The picture above is my most recently acquired orchid, sitting on my work station. I love looking at her.

At work, a few weeks ago, we had a raffle draw for a charity fundraiser. Out of more than 20 raffle prices, what do I win? An orchid.

I love orchids. They immediately make me think of love. The people who have gifted me orchids are all people who I deeply love. They are beautiful and regal. I am terrible at keeping plants alive, so this will be my new challenge. Across many ancient cultures orchids bear beautiful meanings. Some of the meanings I came across are:  Elegance, nobility, connection, refinement, creativity, harmony, passion, purity, class. Makes sense, no doubt. Just look at her!

After all these years of being gifted orchids, today is the first day I read up on them, with my attempt to not kill this one, as most of my plants meet their fate after a few weeks. I found some really cool facts. Orchids are very elegant looking but the petals flaunt their sex organs, unlike most flowers that keep the reproductive areas closed. This makes orchids very sexual but elegant at the same time. Orchids even self reproduce… I guess it is so sexy it loves itself very much. Self-love and self-sufficient! I guess you will only be distracted by the orchid’s flaunting if you are an orchid too? Very funny.

Doing some research, I found out that orchid trading and collecting is a luxury hobby dating back centuries. There are many regional and national associations on orchid growing. Look up your city with orchids on the internet, and there is an organization around, guaranteed! It is considered one of oldest organized plant hobbies with a long history. Pretty amazing.

Looking at this beauty today, standing tall and strong on my work station, I realize the power of this moment. I feel grateful to have this beautiful plant in my life. Adding green to your home and space is essential. Having an orchid takes my mind space to another level, in my quest to live a life of love and gratefulness.