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About this book:

“Happiness is your birthright.”

Stop looking for happiness. You already have it.

Happiness is already in you. You don’t need to search for it. You have it, exactly where you’re standing in life right now. The trick is understanding how to tap into it again.

You were born happy.

If you have recurring struggles in life, whether it be in relationships, family, finances, career… you try to fix these areas and find yourself ALMOST getting what you want, but never quite reaching the goals you desire. Sometimes, the act of “trying hard” can take you even further away from your goals. Why would this be the case? What are the circumstances, people, or situations that prevented you from getting what you desire?

Are you suffering from…

Feelings of inadequacy
Anxiety or depression
Wanting to run from the past
Shame about who you are or what you have done
Anger that you don’t know where it’s coming from
Oscillating between feeling superior, then crashing and suffering from an inferiority complex
Needing constant approval from others and on social media
Repeating the same life mistakes, in relationships, career, finances

This book involves action steps that will help you kickstart your transformation towards peace, fulfillment, and improvement in your overall quality of life in 21 days. 21 days of consistent actions set the foundation for new habits. 21 days of simple actions will start you on a journey of awareness, self-love, forgiveness, and peace.

You’ve got this!