Happy New Year! OMG it is already 2017! YAY!

Okay, here is a topic I am dying to put it out there, in time for the New Year and making Resolutions for some of you out there. It is only fitting to start the year right and set the tone for the rest of the year, from day 1 of 2017!

To all the hustlers around. How many times have you focused too long on naysayers?

There are many forms of naysayers. The ones that flat out say it to your face. Someone who will make fun of your dream. There are the silent ones who remain silent, but they brutally judge. The worst are the kind that always hang around you, never say anything, and at some random, unexpected moment, they drop the hate/disapproval bomb.

Here is how you detect the silent ones. Do you feel nourished after interacting with them? If not, move on. There is not enough time in the day to spend your energy around non-nourishing relationships.

I came up with a pretty good inner voice to speak to the linger feeling, after being judged or vocally slapped in the face: “I am sorry that you never worked towards achieving your truest dreams.”

I personally had huge lessons – practically most of my childhood AND adult life – in creating a nourishing circle. It is especially tough when your first naysayers are in your original family. I got used to it, and tolerating it became a pattern, my way of living. And I kept wondering why I was not advancing, and why the quality of my life was not improving.

Sometimes we are so busy emotionally surviving, so we tolerate. As soon as I made a conscious decision to not let naysayers linger in my life, I started to invite in the right people for my path, including coaches and mentors. It is not necessary for these people to even live in the same city. The right words of encouragement is enough to strengthen your heart – coeur (it’s French!) – which is where the word encouragement and courage comes from. From the heart. Isn’t that powerful?

You have a strong heart. Thrive on. It’s what you deserve.

Cheers to making 2017 your personal greatest year yet!