What’s In Your 2017?

Do you make New Year’s resolutions?

I don’t. I don’t find them necessary. I make sure to write goals down often. I make sure to write down my thoughts in my journal. Once you start writing things down, so much creativity starts pouring out. Cherish those amazing thoughts, even when they sound crazy!

One thing I like to do on milestone dates, such as New Year’s Eve, New Year Day, birthday, or any significant day, I like to think back to what I was doing exactly a year ago. I like to celebrate how much I have grown, and everything I have achieved. It is so important to celebrate, as much as being focused on that goal.

In 2017, one of my greatest goals is to connect with more people, at a deeper level. To create something special. As an internationally raised, cosmopolitan person, connecting with people of different cultures and background has always been very important for me. One love!

In 2017, I plan to build this blog at a larger scale, and connect it to a channel on Youtube called “The Stripped Series.” Stripped comes from the time when I hit rock bottom, almost 5 years ago, and I was forced to be stripped of all the inessentials. It meant that I lost some dreams. I had to dream new dreams and find strengths deep within myself. I had to start over. I decided to not make the same mistakes over and over. Stripped also means getting down to the pure, the core and the essence. It is essential to live a live where it is not about survival. It is about thriving and living the life you love, fulfilling your purpose.

I hope that you will join me in this amazing journey that 2017 will bring for all of us. Come with me on this journey on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter @msjuliacha.

Love to you all…

Virtual champagne cheers!



Thrive on!