18 Months

We start, and we give up.

It is the case with most transformation. Eating healthy. A  new business. Meditating.

I listen and study various takes of different thought leaders. Many of them talk about 18 months to see dramatic results in a transformation.

It takes 18 months to see whether something will work out.

It can take 18 months to see results in your body with a new fitness regime.

It takes 18 months to see real difference in the quality of life if you are working with a mentor or a counsellor to better your life.

Give a business 18 months to see if you will make it. Provided, that you are not already certain. Unless you are certain that you made a mistake, give it 18 months to get your answer.

18 months is short considering our lifetime. It also feels like forever when we are in the grind.

What is my 18 months? In May, I will start working with a personal trainer. I am excited to feature her here in the near future.

I plan to finish my book and publish.

I plan to build my Youtube platform, which I have struggled to start for the last 5 years.

I plan to nurture more special relationships and have better quality of life with the people I love.

In 18 months, I am closer to living my purpose, and the life of my dreams.

In 18 months, where would you be? How could your life be different? What is your transformation?


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