The Happiness Study


Are you 100% fulfilled and happy?

Many people delegate happiness to an external source. Happiness is out of their own control, and it is deemed unattainable in the present. The perfect life seem to be far out of reach, and is conditional to achieving a new pursuit.

“I will be happy when I _________.”

Filling in the blank is “have a new job,” “make more money,” “retire,”  “am on vacation,” or, even worse yet,  “if this person, or a circumstance changes.”

The truth of the matter is that if you don’t claim your happiness now, you will not be happy later. Life is always a progress, and perfection does not exist. Happiness is not conditional to your current financial state, marital status, or job situation. You give happiness to yourself at any given moment.

There are countless studies done on happiness. In September 2010, Time Magazine published a study done at Princeton University. The study determined that there are two types of happiness. The first kind if the type of happiness associated with daily mood. The second, is a sense of deep satisfaction. Most people who are unhappy struggle with the latter. Read the study here.

In this study, the amount of income that improves lifestyle, and changes the quality of life, and the money that actually makes people “happy,” is only at $75,000 annual income. This income level is the tipping point where people no longer have trouble with the necessities in life, and have enough to spend on other things they like to enjoy.

Having a good income makes life easier, but does not make us happier. In fact, sadness shows up in more dramatic ways when we have the money. Perhaps this can explain the rich and famous and their drug problems, and ongoing relationship problems with their family and friends.

Thinking that fulfillment is an elusive, ethereal entity that needs to be earned or chased after, is already taking the wrong approach. Happiness is not a phase. It is a constant, underlying force in our character.

You were born happy.


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