The One Habit That Changed My Life

the one small habit that changed my life


Before I start, if you click on the pic above, you can see the video version of this blog! I am learning to be a better speaker, and my camera is my iPad, and improvements are always in progress! So excuse the blurriness and the newbie vibe!


There is probably something in your life that you need to work on. What is it?

Many of us think that we need to do something extreme with out lives in order to get better, whether it is career, love life, or friendship.

The truth is so simple. It takes small habits to make a big impact. Big changes start with small steps.

The funniest thing is, I used to go for drastic changes when things did not move in my favour. I would get an extreme hair cut. Move home. Change jobs. When I did these things, I did them because I felt that there was a dark cloud hanging over me that I could not shake off. Funny, things would feel better temporarily, because our brains like novelty and it releases dopamine, which makes us feel good, but then the effect would wear off. I would find myself feeling down right back where I was.

However, after repeating this pattern a few times, I started doing THIS!

I started to be grateful. Not just to think it, but to express it. Every night, before bed. At least 3 things, but every time, once I started it, it started to add up to more than 10.

And I started to get my children to do the same. It is a fabulous way to bond and connect with your family at the end of the night. We would always list what we appreciate about the day and our interaction with others, sometimes even opportunities.

I always start my gratefulness the same way. I am grateful for my family. My children. My best friend, my brother. Our health. Our comfortable beautiful home, and the food we ate today. And the important part is to truly feel why we feel so grateful.

Over the last 2 years, my life improved dramatically. My relationship with people started improving. I became a better influencer in my social circle. I started to attract positive, constructive people. And the negative ones started to slip away from my life. I became more sure of myself and more confident. It is incredible how a small habit like this, done consistently, every day, can make such a huge impact.

This, again, has all has to do with the brain. Our brains are machines with feedback loops. The more we pave the pathways of positivity, we start to act to support those thoughts, and it reinforces that thinking pattern, leading to more actions that will again, take us to feeling positive. Being grateful started to give me more opportunities and makes me a better parent, which is a top priority and a true maker of my happiness level. And if anyone has suffered with some depression, this is one of the ways that can really help you get better, not to say that it is to replace any professional help. I would say, the combination of gratefulness and meditation has exponentially changed my mental well being. 

I challenge you to do something so easy like this even for a week. The trick is to really feel the gratefulness, not just listing a bunch of things. True results start to take shape after 2 or 3 months… and the long term rewards of a year or more, it is incredible what we can achieve.


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