The One Thing That Helped Me Go From Zero To Multiple 6 Figures As A Coach & Entrepreneur...

And How You Can Too!


Are you sick of….

Buying programs from internet marketers who only know how to sell to you?

So-called coaches that  have no idea how to help you find the offer that’s right for you?

Buying programs with tactics that work for ‘others’ but doesn’t give you any insight into what YOUR clients actually want?

You want  to sell your offer like hot cakes, and you know down deep it should not be this hard.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be.

Discover the secrets of being booked solid from a personal transformation coach who has a consistent waitlist for her VIP program.

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Get Started Now!

You Need A Solid Business Acumen To Succeed As An Expert

Why Working Hard Hasn't Worked For You

If you’re in coaching, consulting, financial advising, real estate, or in any people business, it seems like the path to success is a straight line; only, you’re finding it to a very curvy road indeed. 

You’re following what you’re “supposed to do,” working hard, sharing value, getting some likes and comments, but you’re not seeing the money coming in.  


Find all your answers in this Masterclass.

You're One Thing Away From Success

Simplicity Rules Success

The simplest tweaks deliver the most results. That's why doing more of the wrong thing is keeping you stuck!

Find Your Hidden Gold

You are sitting on your very own gold mine; your unique factor that's ready to make you millions

Hit The Right Pleasure Spot

Know your audience better than they know themselves. Discover how to touch their hearts, and they’ll open their wallets.

What Clients Are Saying

I have left my 9-5 job and work for myself now. Since working for myself my monthly revenue has reached between $8K-$10K in just 4 month! I have a fully booked schedule of clients, and run a group coaching program, I have paid collaborations with clothing companies, I write for an online women’s magazine. I am completely aligned to keep it growing.

Ashika L.

Just one month after I started her program, I have gotten $3,330 in one day for my services. You could not get a better coach in selling than Julia. She knows selling inside out and she lives what she teaches.


Eleni K.

There isn’t a better group— the support in this group is more than I’ve seen people experience in multiple 5 figure masterminds.


Clair K.

I left the corporate world and started my own business dreaming of becoming a self-love coach and I was stuck at very low income and with very little clients. I was one of those experts running in circles and chasing clients. Definitely this never was not my dream!
I joined Julia and the vibrant tribe she created. No longer than 3 weeks later I got my first high paid client and developed my first coaching programme! The work, the dedication, the support and extraordinary value of Julia’s value is exactly what I needed. Thank you with all my heart!

Sabina W.

I’m excited I booked a client at my highest rate last month. I love the group she created. Julia’s group is unique and truly supportive, but more than that, I trust Julia’s opinions on how to get to where I want to be, from understanding clients motivations and speaking their language to how to engage on social media or convert a sales call. Being in Julia’s group has compelled me to grow my business exponentially faster than before.


Allison E.

Within 4 weeks after I started the course with Julia as a mentor, I went from being an expert with zero marketing skills and no clear direction, to a starting entrepreneurship with a defined niche and I booked the first two high-ticket clients for my new program the 5th week! Working with Julia and taking her course is one of my best decisions ever.

Emanuelle B.

Meet Your Success Partner

Hi, I’m Julia Cha, life coach and clinical hypnotherapist, earning multiple 6-figures.

But it wasn’t always this way. I went from being a broke and broken single mom of two, in a boring job, making 50k a year, to multiple 6-figures, doing exactly what I love to do – transforming lives.

When I first started in 2016, I bought into marketing courses from millionaire experts, and no matter what I did, something was missing.

I wasn’t getting the promised results, even when I was following the process.

I was going broke so I had to pause on my dreams and get a job.

People laughed and said, “business isn’t for someone like you.” How wrong they were!

Doubling down and fixing this one thing changed everything for me. 

My own journey to success was full of curveballs!

Now, my VIP 5-figure offer is always fully booked. 

In my private practice, I work with accomplished professionals rubbing shoulders with A-listers, millionaire investors, and founders and CEOs of multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses. 

With my success, I started mentoring new entrepreneurs, many reaching 6 figures in 6 months, or 6 figures in a year.

I made all the mistakes already for you.

 All the successful secrets hack, and tried and true tips and tricks, are what I am about to share with you.

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