Global Success Coach, Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, A Proud Conscious Mother of 2 Radical Humans, and 1 Canine Son.

On many mornings, I wake up at 5 AM in my luxurious, gold velvet king-size bed – with fluffy golden pillows – immersed deeply in a cloud-like duvet. I bask in the glow and all I can say is, “Thank you.”

I look around my bedroom and see the beautifully curated functional furniture, rock and crystal lamps, treasured books, and intuitive cards that guided me on my journey. I go downstairs to make a cup of black coffee. Right away, our dog Lucky greets me with happiness and enthusiasm. I see our cloud-white comfy couch where many memories happened. Through the perfect messiness of our living room and going into the kitchen, I feel the vibrant pulse of love and abundance emanating from every corner of our home.

I feel deep alignment in my family, our home, and the work I’m most passionate about. Thinking about my day ahead, I feel grateful. I take it all in with overwhelming joy. “I earned everything in here. I earned this life. I created it all.”

However, life was not always like this.

Ever since I can remember, my life has faced multiple displacements. One of my earliest memories is the death of my mother. Along with an absent mother figure, my childhood was full of neglect, abuse, and domestic violence. Boundaries and self-expression were non-existent. Alcoholism, mental, physical, sexual, and spiritual abuse was the norm. Immigration and racial issues added another layer to the chaos rooted in generational trauma, propelled by hundreds, if not thousands of years of toxic patriarchy and helplessness.

I first came across my spiritual and healing power at the age of 7, when I met a male ancestral spirit lurking in the corner of my bedroom. I didn’t know what to make of these experiences, intuition, “visions,” and awareness until my 30’s. Even at a very young age, I made a deep commitment to shelter future generations from my experiences. I had no idea how, but I knew for sure that I would be the first radical, generational, cycle breaker, and change-maker in my family.

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No matter how committed and intelligent we think we are, we cannot stop our deeply ingrained mental conditioning from taking control of our adult lives. If we leverage the correct methods, tools, and actions, we can create a permanent intervention and change of course. After many dysfunctional relationships, divorce, and financial struggles, I have gone through the hardest and came out on the brightest side. I’m living the life I could have never imagined.

Our soul feeds on the troubling experiences in our lifetime to foster spiritual learning. Working through the all types of crises, choosing your power even at the darkest, most desperate moments, and moving with persistence and resilience through limitations, are the portals that guide you toward your impossible Dream Life.

If I can do it, you can do it too.

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