International Social Elegance, Leadership, & Entrepreneurship Coach, Entrepreneur, Author

I hold a unique combination of business, leadership, and personal coaching to partner with my clients to achieve holistic success: work-life integration, fulfillment, financial abundance, and joy in their professional and personal trajectory.

My expertise comes from training in clinical hypnotherapy and coaching, as well as studies in analyzing and reforming the deepest part of the subconscious mind, which is the human habits center. Humans are creatures of habits. Everything we have created in our lives is an accumulation and a byproduct of our automated habits. Habits are not only what we do, but also what we feel, believe, and experience on an automatic, recurring basis.

To change your results, you have to upgrade your automated systemic patterns which you currently identify as,  “This is who I am,” to match who you’re becoming.

To be an accomplished leader, you also have to become an expert in why people do what they do, and why they don’t.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients in 15 countries around the world, and in 6 continents! My clients have been founders, entrepreneurs, investors professionals such as doctors, lawyers, and corporate executives. They are all incredible change-makers who are committed to powerful, conscious leadership in their industry.

How My Journey Began

I began this journey by treating myself as my very first client and fixing my own life and career fulfillment, as well as my earning potential. For much of my childhood until my early adult life, I was stunted by deep feelings of not being enough and not being capable or deserving of achieving great heights.

The overall message I got was, “Success, the way I imagine it, is not available to me.”

In my early 20’s, I started to witness my own trainwreck that I didn’t know how to stop. I was a magnet to toxic work cultures and toxic and narcissistic relationships. I’d get myself into a really difficult dynamic, not want it, but feel addicted to the fight and the struggle and unable to stop. I coped with conflict and uncomfortable challenges with unhealthy consumption and toxic dating, which led me to a situation where I could not ignore my own demons anymore.

I chose single motherhood at 29 years old, without a solid, sustainable career. If career building was tough as a single person, juggling two young ones as a single mom building her career from scratch was the exact pressure I needed to start addressing the root cause of all my problems: unresolved trauma, addictive habits, and the dysfunctional (stubborn) mental programming.

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From Survival To Thriving

In survival mode, we experience constant scarcity and toxicity, and very little joy and fulfillment.

Thriving is when our important life choices are layered upon personal power and intention, from the way we look after ourselves, what we do for work, how we show up to our own goals, how and with whom we socialize, to how we parent. In thrive mode, you’re guided by your higher self and spiritual power.

After a lifetime of trauma, and unsafe and scarce experiences in my life, I made my purposeful career happen. At the same time, I broke many generational patterns in my parenting. This is what I call “self-leadership.” We must change how we lead ourselves and our family before we can impactfully lead others.

As much as I highly value my career accomplishments, my greatest pride and joy is the family I created with my children, which is the first healthy example of a family I have ever come to witness. 

The portal to your impossible Dream Life opens as you work through the all types of crises, choosing your power even at the darkest, most desperate moments, and moving with persistence and resilience through limitations

When you leverage the correct methods, tools, and repeated actions, you can create a permanent intervention and change.

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