About Julia



(Single) parenthood saved me from a life of mediocrity.

I became the one I needed the most.

My name is Julia Cha, and this blog is a synthesis of 18 years of self-development. It took me this long, as I had to take the time to heal, so I can write from my scars, and not my wounds.

I am a proud mother of two school-aged children. The experience of being a parent is highly rewarding. When done with care and mindfulness, it becomes the biggest breakthrough learning experience. Since the day I had my son in 2008, I have transformed myself from being a fixer, to becoming a creator in every aspect of my life.

It took me staring into my newborns’ eyes to see how much potential we are born with. It took me the pains of parenting to understand how precious and miraculous every moment truly is. It took me loving someone else so much, more than I could ever love myself, to help me see that self-love is the first step to conquering life.

Love took me to places that I thought I would never be capable of going, such as leaving a terrible relationship, breaking negative patterns, and welcoming transformation in every part of my life.

It gave me the courage and power that I never knew I possessed.

I found my voice again, after years of being suppressed.

If there is one message I want you to take away from anything I create, is this:

“Happiness is your birthright.”