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RESULT: Side hustling to teach business analysis to 7 figures as the founder of Business Analysis School.

Julia has ongoingly been a key pivotal influence in my business success.
Eno Eka
CEO, Business Analysis School
RESULT: From $20k-$30k/month working solo in his business to $100,000/month + hiring 5 staff within 2.5 months.

Working with Julia has been a life-changing experience in both my business and personal life.
Jon Chintanaroad
CEO, Recruiting Accelerator
RESULT: From $20k/month to $100,000/month in 6 months

Working with Julia has completely changed my business game.
Josh Ramos
Lead Generation Expert
RESULT: Scaling a spiritual business to a company with hired coaches & a sales team.

Julia has played a key pivotal role in helping me make the right business decisions to scale my Twin Flames coaching business.
Elle Hari
Be With Your Twin Flame
RESULT: $5M in her investment portfolio.

I've done so many types of coaching and therapy, and Julia gave me results that no other business or mindset mentor was able to give me.
Deep Paknikar
Engineer & Real Estate Investor
RESULT: COO to Organizational Consultant while getting paid full COO salary while working 20 hours.

Working with Julia transformed my career, life, and relationships.
Francesca Valentina
COO, Not-For-Profit Organization Expert

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