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Presented by Julia Cha
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RESULT: Side hustling to teach business analysis to 7 figures as the founder of Business Analysis School.

Julia totally understands how building a strong mindset is invaluable for high performing professionals/entrepreneurs and she is helping women across the world do same.
Eno Eka
CEO, Business Analysis School
RESULT: COO to Organizational Consultant while getting paid full COO salary while working 20 hours.

Working with Julia transformed my interactions and relationships with my children, my loved ones, my co-workers and most importantly with myself. I have a newfound confidence, inner peace and happiness... and it keeps getting better and stronger each day.
Francesca Valentina
COO, Not-For-Profit Organization Expert
RESULT: From $20k-$30k/month working solo in his business to $100,000/month + hiring 5 staff within 2.5 months.

Working with Julia has been a life-changing experience in both my business and personal life.
Jon Chintanaroad
CEO, Recruiting Accelerator
RESULT: VP of HR to HR & Corporate Wellness Strategist/Consultant.

Working with Julia has been life changing and I would highly recommend her to anyone who's looking to challenge their subconscious beliefs and start living their life with more purpose and intention. As a result of our coaching sessions together, I have become a much more confident leader in both my personal and professional life, and cannot thank her enough for all her guidance, support and wisdom along the way.
Celeste Warren
HR Strategist
RESULT: Brand new position that fulfills her both personally and professionally.

After working with her through coaching and subconscious reprogramming, my life took a turn for the better. Mostly, I changed my attitudes towards myself. I learned what it was to truly love myself and be compassionate with me first.
Mi Kim
RESULT: From Pharmacist to her passion career, real estate investing, tripling her income.

Julia helped me not only to uncover a lot of my self-limiting belief but also upgrade my mindset from W2 mindset to a true entrepreneur mindset. I was able to double my income in the first year, and reach 6 figure in 6 months. She provided so much unique and helpful insight in both of professional and personal level. Can’t be more thankful to have her as my coach. It is a truly transformational program that you don’t want to pass.
Grace Wang
Real Estate Investor, Former Pharmacist

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