SUCCESS ADVICE 5 Step Blueprint You Need to Embody for Next Level Success

As leaders, we know success is a habit. We create success from a set of behaviors that we repeat over and over again until it becomes our second nature. But how do we navigate to the next level when we feel stuck?

Boundaries are tested at so many levels in an entrepreneurial journey, especially if you’ve been an overly giving person most of your life. When you start a business, there isn’t a structure.

Self-care — Never forget that you’re not a robot, and you cannot push your body and mind without nurturing it. Nothing will ever come true nor sustain itself if you don’t care for your physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

According to Julia, procrastination comes with negative beliefs in the subconscious mind. When procrastination becomes a habit, it may not be easy to escape. Julia, a successful coach with an inspirational success path, was once someone who procrastinated so frequently and has finally found a way to overcome it.

Executive coach, ​Julia Cha​, says that our beliefs and conditioning are necessary for survival, helping us fit into our environment, keep us safe, and survive the jungle of childhood during our formative years.

I packed up with the help of one neighbor who was practically a stranger. With my 9-month-old baby girl asleep in a baby carrier, I stuffed away eight years of my life in boxes. Deathly afraid that he might walk through the door at any moment, I struggled for my last attempt at freedom. I was leaving for good, and this time I wasn't looking back.

When it comes to achieving success in business and life, there is nothing that has more of a negative impact than limiting beliefs. In fact, many people actually find themselves utterly paralyzed and held back by the blocks that were programmed into them as early as childhood. Fortunately, there are those who have already made the climb paving the way.

Parents want the best for our children. We hope they’ll find their true purpose in life and grow up to be happy and fulfilled. But there’s a fine line between pushing them into what we think is best for them and allowing them to shape their destiny.

Julia Cha is a best-selling author and an international Success Coach helping alpha women smash their glass ceilings by helping them leverage the genius of their subconscious mind power.