In 2019, I set a new goal to make $50,000 a month in my business.

Damn! I never thought I’d be here!

Next stop, I was browsing on Tinder (or Bumble, I can’t even remember).

Relationships are the biggest, most righteous form of self-sabotage. 

I knew the power of sex self-sabotage. I learned to outsmart my brain to focus on my business. I had spent 3 years training myself for absolute focus and abstinence.

And I started to see results! I rapidly hit 6 figures!

Yet, there it was again. The relationship and sexual desire can get you any time you hit your Upper Level Limit, when you’re going to your next level again, and creating another impossible outcome come true.

You can be in the know, yet, can still fall into this trap. 

There is a lot of written literature about men and semen retention, and using their sexual energy for high creativity, productivity, and efficiency at work.

If you’ve read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Chapter XI is called “The Mystery of Sex Transmutation.”

This chapter analyzes one of the commonalities between the most successful men in history; they are all exceptionally horny. 

Before you get too excited that you may be “in the Exceptional Club,” there is a downside to the high sex drive.

The Exceptional Ones are also the ones who have learned to leave the excitement of sexual encounters, and channel that same energy towards their success.

The high sex drive equals high creativity drive, and also equals to high ambition and desire for success. 

A high sex drive gives you the potential to be more productive and more efficient at work, but only if you learn to control it. 


Women Entrepreneurs Sexual Energy For Productivity and Creativity

There is barely any well-known literature when it comes to women and sexual energy. There are a few sources hat suggests that for women, it’s better to have more sex.

This is entirely untrue and a made up scheme by… probably… a man who wants more sex with ambitious, highly sexual ladies.

Imagine that high energy romp with ambitious, highly sexual ladies. It’s definitely an exciting thought most most men!

Becoming a successful coach and entrepreneur meant that I had to learn to control my sexual desires, which includes, the desire to be with a mate, to find a relationship, and to expend a lot of energy and focus in this area, while I’m building my business. 

I spent much of my late teens and early 20’s focusing on dating. My career progress back then was zero to none. I experienced what Steven Pressfield calls the “Resistance” to doing work that matters, and instead, beating around the bush, making useless love a priority over my truest, deepest desires. 

When I realized that my active sex life and high sex drive was the main obstacle to my ambitions, I had a tearful, dramatic breakup with this nasty pattern, and focused everything I’ve got towards making my life purpose and entrepreneurship dreams come true. 

Recognize When Sexual Energy Is Self-Sabotage

Chasing and seeking love will never give you what you’re looking for. 

Watch out for relationships that needs a lot of “babysitting,” or is frequently hot-cold.

Relationship that excites you and hurts you at the same time, or you have to struggle to keep up with, are your biggest success blockers. 

Just know that there is no sex for the sake of sex, because everything you do, even a thought, creates an energetic shift and affects your results.  If a thought can do that, imagine what sex can do to your energy.

That’s why sex with partners who you’re not fully aligned with, who you need approval from, or just need “companionship” to fill a void, will surely wreck the success you’ve been building diligently, one brick layer at a time. 

When you take these actions, you’ll experience “dry-ups.” Your abundance energy starts to drop, and major things start going wrong in your life. Sex with the wrong partner dampens your abundance energy by creating a nasty foggy effect. 

I can say this with full certainty: when women entrepreneurs have a hard time with keeping their business success and life satisfaction, they have been letting in the wrong partner into their life, and into their body. 

Why Your Sexual Energy Is Your Creative and Productive Energy

Sexual energy is the most life-giving, creative force of energy. If you are highly sexual, then congratulations! You have the potential for a lot of success in your business and life!

Sexual energy is so primitive and powerful that it cannot be suppressed. Will power stands no chance. Just ask any sex addicts.

Instead of suppression, sex energy needs to be channeled.

If you have so much sex energy that you could light a lightbulb with your bare hands… you’ve got such an advantage. Your sex drive is not a curse. It’s your creativity screaming to let loose. Channeled right, you can literally create an empire.

How to Be More Productive, Creative, and Efficient At Work By Leveraging Your Sexual Energy

First… refrain from having sex. No more messy love life! This is energy draining, and it will take away the focus, time, energy that you require to build your dreams.

You will be seduced over and over again to break this code, but remember, no matter how wonderfully right it feels, you’re self-sabotaging every time you get sucked into the need for a relationship. 

Streamline your life to completely focus on what matters to you the most… your business.

I know, this is not what you want to hear.

When too many sexual thoughts take over your brain, your brain gets bombarded by dopamine, which is similar to the high you get with drug or video game addictions. Your brain will get foggy and fuzzy, and you’ll barely be able to focus.

It takes 3-5 days after refraining from all sexual activities and stimulation that the body reaches a level of harmony. Obsessive, frequent sexual thoughts start to diminish.

Every time you get the sexual urge, instead of seeking a partner, turning to pornography, or giving yourself pleasure, sit down and do the work that gives you the most pain and difficulty.

Yep, I said it.

Tackle the hardest work every time you get the urge. Tackle the work that MOVES THE NEEDLE IN YOUR BUSINESS.

Every time the urge kicks in (and it will, like crazy), take deep belly breaths, and at the same time, do the work that you really don’t want to do, but will help you move the needle.

The calming breath work will help you focus and dissipate the intensity and take away the edge.

When Sex Helps Your Productivity and Creativity

I’m not saying that you should never have sex. There is one form of sex that will help you towards your clear thinking, and highly efficient and productive brain power. 

The only form of acceptable sex are ones that are emotionally deep and meaningful. This is sex with a partner who is in full alignment with you at mind, body, spirit level.

Sex with a great partner can exponentially increase your productive and creative energy. If you don’t already have a partner like that, focus on yourself, focus on your business goals, and while you focus, your success will eventually lead you towards someone in full alignment. 

When sexual energy is combined with deep love, it harmonizes and stabilizes the body and the brain with healing, rejuvenating, life-giving energy, which in turn, will improve your creativity and productivity.

Need more? This video will help you own and control your sexual energy, tap into your zone of genius, and become a master of productivity and creativity!