“Help! Law of Attraction Doesn’t Always Work!”​ 3 Key Flaws To Your Manifestation Techniques

I love playing manifestation games where I find four-leaf clovers… it’s a 1/10,000 chance, but when I set the intention, I find one easily.

It must be luck, because it’s illogical, you might say. It’s not. It’s a pull towards an outcome that you create before it happens.

One particular time, I set the intention, walked over to a patch of clovers, looked down, and there was a four-leaf clover, right beside my left foot. That fast, and just like that.

I have manifested the genders, the looks, and qualities in my children before they were born. My journals from my 20’s are full of these “predictions.” As all children do, they come with their own surprises and gifts too, but when I go back to my past sketches before and during pregnancies, and their descriptions, my children, as they have been blossoming now in their tween years, are a close match.

I have manifested jobs in the past. I have landed positions that was right and convenient for me at the time, even when I had zero qualifications for the job. And later, I used this incredible power of my subconscious mind to direct and manifest the career of my dreams, and reach height in income and freedom that was never thought possible for anyone in my family… especially as a woman and a conscious mother, who always puts her children first.

When I manifested outcomes that I wasn’t happy with, I later realized how much deep in my subconscious mind, I had limiting beliefs around what was even possible for me and what I deserved. I hadn’t calibrated my way of being to have success in this area, because it wasn’t even something possible in my “reality.” (Hello, divorce at 29!)

Most people believe manifestation is like wishful thinking. It is not. It takes constant channeling, direction, and directing your subconscious mind to formate, create, and focus towards what you want.

It takes absolute trust and surrender in this power.

People watch The Secret and believe that if they think about a great desired outcome over and over, they will achieve it. Then, they find that it only works sometimes, or never works for them at all. Even for the ones who want to believe in it, they want to give up.

I’m here to tell you that manifestation works every single time, and if it doesn’t work, you’ve likely made one (or all three) of the most two common mistakes when it comes to manifesting effectively. 

Manifestation Problem #1: Misalignment in the Conscious/Subconscious

The biggest problem with manifestation not working has to do with the blocks in the subconscious mind. Our minds are made up of the conscious mind, which accounts for 5% of the mind. This is the “thinking” mind. Our subconscious mind is made up of 95% of the mind, and this is the “being” mind. When you wish for an outcome without “being” the person required to have the outcome, manifestation fails.

People with unprocessed trauma and emotional wounds often have the deepest trouble with manifestation in that particular area. You are a great big ball of energy, seeking connections of similar resonance. No matter what you want at the conscious level, trauma is the blocker towards the desired outcome. Trauma freezes you from possibilities outside of what helped you survive during that place and time of the past. Trauma in your subconscious directs you towards what you don’t want, but towards which are the more familiar feelings and experiences that once guaranteed your survival during those moments of the past. Your subconscious mind ruminates in the negative past, exponentially more than you’re aware of at the conscious level.

Who you are in your subconscious is who you are being. It takes a different being to have a magnificent outcome of your dreams that you imagine in your conscious mind.

What does this “being” mean? Even before you achieve the outcome, you need to feel, think, and be the person who is the outcome. When people deeply believe in their subconscious that the outcome is impossible for them, while hoping and wishing in their conscious mind, this is not manifestation. It’s called “wishful thinking.” 

People have mistakenly learned to believe that manifestation is like a lottery. It’s like throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing what sticks. The outcome is random, unpredictable, and pretty soon, the sceptics that “gave it a chance” becomes even more sceptical.

The misinterpretation of the concept shared in The Secret is that these accomplished individuals just thought of more money, accomplishment, and success, and got it all the next day. The time delay between setting the intention, and getting the outcome, is not seen by those with a “lottery” mindset who are looking for instant gratification. Those who make manifestations happen for them had to change their way of Being. There is often a time delay in the process of changing the Being, that makes all the impatient sceptics drop out of making their greatest dreams come true. 

Manifestation only works when your subconscious mind truly believes in the desired possibility, and knows that you deserve it, and you already are having the sensory experiences of the person who already has the outcome. The subsequent powerful feelings of success drive the individuals to go out of their comfort zone with calm and certainty, and take the actions required to have become someone outside of who they’d been in the past.

Manifestation Problem #2: Lack of Proactiveness

Manifestation takes work. Thinking about something over and over, and never doing the work, is like imagining winning the lottery, but never buying it. I found a clover patch to find the four-leaf clovers. I showed up. In fact, what it actually takes is to study everything to do with how to win, how to get the best desired outcome, and moving towards, and taking action consistently, and testing and tweaking based on the feedback of the action. It requires consistent work, every single day.

A major portion of proactiveness goes into all activities that are required to let go of past patterns. Letting go of the trauma and past emotional wounds that freezes your access to freedom. Letting go of who you’ve been with yourself, and with your connections. Letting go of dynamics, habits, and the ways of being, that doesn’t fit your future desired self. This loss is what stops most people from getting what they want.

Opening up to becoming deeply connected with your internal self, will help you connect with the energetic level of fulfilment and abundance you desire. It will also help you have authentic desires that match your deepest core values and integrity.

Manifestation Problem #3: Instant Gratification & Time

The third most common reason behind this mishap is attachment. During the process of taking action, people new to manifestation expect the outcome to appear immediately before their eyes. Sometimes manifestation results can come quickly, like my four-leaf clovers. Most of the times, it has a time delay, which can be months, even a few years. Just like the tortoise in the Tortoise and the Hare, it’s the consistency without the attachment to winning, is what wins the seemingly impossible race. 

Instant gratification and shiny object syndromes are the mindset that work against manifestation. I’ve worked with accomplished women who want to be in healthy, loving, and supportive long-term relationships. They make the intention. They do their diligence to choose a man who might fit into their category. The problem becomes when they go on the first few dates, or even months, imagining white wedding gowns, diamond rings, and hearing church bells everywhere they go, and whenever they are with the guy. This “chase” energy drives the outcome away.

This anxious energy even makes them choose men who are not a fit, but who are fit for their energetic resonance. The desperation and attachment to certainty and outcome interferes with the manifester’s way of being. A woman who is blissfully married with the man of her dreams would not be having these “chase” thoughts and feelings of anxious desperation. When the way of being is unaligned, the outcome cannot possibly come. When done right, the outcome often appears at the most unexpected moments to the unattached manifester.

This works the same for many of my entrepreneur clients who become attached to the outcome of closing a deal every time they speak to prospects, because they are trying so hard to be an accomplished success case. Seeing every prospect as dollar signs create a sense of being that turns the prospects off from saying yes. It’s operating from scarcity, and it creates a scarce and suffering outcome.

Then, How Do I Make This Work? I’ve Been Trying So Hard!

Become the person who deserves the outcome, and have the emotional experience of one who has already accomplished what is desired. From that place, thinking, feeling, and being the experience of the person with such success. When you do, the appropriate healthy standards, boundaries, and personal expectations arise, and becomes who you are. You leverage the experience of the Future-Self to make wise decisions in difficult situations.

You determine the actions required, and consistently take action towards what you want, being in the moment, living your life from being in the energy of that Future-Self. In everything you think and do, you stay aligned to your intention. From there, at the most unexpected moment, you see results. You use the results as confirmation, no matter how small, and continue to amplify this way of being. 

This is how the most successful people accomplish the impossible. Manifestation is a universal law, relating to the laws around energy in quantum physics. To make this force work for you, you need to cultivate a flexible mind with great perseverance, persistence, and patience… as well as a growth mindset.

Who you become determines the outcome. If you’re not getting the outcome, fix who you are being. Energy resonates with similar energy. Calibrating your way of being, is determining your outcome. Thoughts and feelings create energy, and therefore, your energy is defined as the core thoughts and feelings you carry daily. Manifestation is always at works, whether you like your love results or not, every single time. 

About the Author:

Hi, I’m Julia Cha. I am an Executive and Business Support Coach & Hypnotherapist, specializing in subconscious mind transformation, working with high-achieving professionals and consultants get what they want.

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