You’ve probably heard of visualization: affirmations, vision boards, Pinterest boards, and the law of attraction. 

When it comes to achieving their goals, the most accomplished humans have spoken of the importance of visualization.

Both Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have shared that they spent a good amount of time practicing their sport,  but also practicing outside of the basketball court, and training their body with physical conditioning.

They were “working” in a quiet room, with their eyes closed, visualizing themselves practicing their craft, being the best at their sport. 


Yes, it sounds absurd. It sounds all ‘woo woo’. 

And the truth is, when I didn’t have half the results in my business and life, I dismissed visualization as “woo woo.” 

I treated visualization as something fun but not serious… something like astrology or tarot.

(If you strongly believe that astrology or tarot  is a MUST for success, please educate me!).

It turns out, visualization is 100% scientific.

It trains the brain. 


Simple. Even when  you’re not actively practicing, when you visualize, you’re still lighting up and stimulating that exact part of the brain, setting you up for a mindset of greatness. 

After being stuck, failing, and being stuck again, and experiencing hit or miss results in manifesting (sound familiar?), I’ve come to learn how visualization actually works and how to manifest anything using it. 

Even when things are not working in your favor, you are visualizing… you visualize what you don’t want, more than what you actually want, so you end up getting the dominant visualization.


When you become keenly aware of how the mind works, you realize how visualization works, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

That’s because our minds are designed for visualization. And there’s a simple way to tell you if you’ll be good at this whole visualization law of attraction stuff. 

If you’ve ever had a worry, if you  have anxiety, if  you have dreams, it’s a clear sign that  you’re a great visualizer.

With worries and anxiety, you’re actually visualizing the worst case scenario that may never come true.

The pictures in your mind creates feelings in your body, and you take corresponding actions as a response. If you’re worried you didn’t lock the door, or didn’t turn off the stove before leaving the house, you’ll run back to double check it. Feeling dictate every action. 

During proper visualization, your subconscious mind, the most creative part genius zone of your mind comes forward, and helps you with many answers to questions you can’t  figure out with your logical, conscious mind. 

This  is not the same as wishing and hoping. Proper visualization needs to be a whole body experience,  rather than a simple “imagination.”

How to Visualize and Manifest What You Want In 4 Simple Steps

  1. Clarify what you want in detail. 

To effectively visualize and manifest your desires into reality, you have to be able to paint a detailed, clear mental picture to the point that you can physically feel the sensations. You don’t just want a house, you want a house that meets all your requirements. You want comfort, luxury, coziness, space, location. Be specific. 

If you want more money, it has to be a specific amount, and imagine how you’re getting it. How are you able to generate this amount of money and have the time and energy, and a great quality of life? The magic is in the details.

  1. Generate the feeling you already have it. 

When you effectively visualize and manifest, you pre-create the feelings of the outcome. When you already have the desired results, it removes the anxiety, and calms your nerves. When  you’re calm, you become open. You become very creative. 

When I visualize my dream home, it’s like having a virtual walk-through. I actually have tears, so grateful that I was able to influence my legacy so positively. I even pace, as if I’m walking up and down the stairs. I see my family cuddling on a soft, luxurious couch. We’re connected, having a peaceful, deep conversation, in a spacious living room by a fireplace. 

Feelings are what drives all your actions. In order to visualize and manifest effectively,  you have to set yourself up to experience the exact feelings that will help you acquire the goal.

  1. “Try on”  your visualizations. 

Take the action to experience your desires in reality. Go to an open house to test out some homes. Be in the experience. If you want a better quality life, go and have luxury experiences. When you “try on,” through these experiences, you also get to know what you want, and what you don’t want. For example, when I visited a luxury condo, I thought that’s what I wanted, but I realized then that I wanted something much bigger to be happier. So instead, I started visiting luxury detached homes instead. Knowing this makes my visualization clearer, and eliminates the possibility of visualizing and manifesting what I potentially don’t want, or something that I may regret. That’s why “trying it on” is so important. 

  1. Repeat daily, hourly, as much as you can

 As your mind constantly takes in data, make sure to repeat these visualizations as much as possible. 

Remember the feeling that you’ve already got it. There is no time and space between you and the results. This allows you to detach from the results having to be NOW, or the feeling “when am I there?” Desperation kills manifestation.

When you detach, you focus on the process, you enjoy the work, and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the exact results, or something even better. 

To learn more about law of attraction, the missing link for manifesting effectively and consistently, and on how to achieve your goals and dreams, check out this VIDEO.