Back in 2017, I remember telling my colleagues that I was quitting consulting to become a life coach. They could not suppress the intense judgment and assumption that I was going to be broke, real fast.

We can do two things when we’re judged: Sulk, or be committed to prove that judgment wrong.

I chose the latter, with massive conviction to succeed.

Even though I wanted to react and put the judgmental ones in their place, that wasn’t going to do anything for me. Changing career so drastically, in my mid-30’s, as a single mom of two children, I felt that I was already dealing with enough discomfort and turbulence, without creating more drama. 

It was really difficult to put myself out there. Every time I recorded videos, went on live, and wrote posts and  articles, I felt the uncomfortable, cold sensation of judgment from the blurry mass of faces “out there.” I felt that everyone, including my old connections, were watching me.

I spent months teaching concepts on how to heal our lives, how to feel better around many life issues and challenges, yet, I was making slow traction. People liked my message, but it didn’t seem to have enough push to make people want to work with me!

I kept being an expert, and sharing “how-to.” A year went by with sporadic clients. I already had a world-class marketing mentor, with funnels and video sales letters that I recorded for the 20th time, but those strategies didn’t seem to help.

One day, I went on a live video on Facebook, and shared a story of my personal evolution, of leaving a dysfunctional marriage without much foundation in place, without any guarantee or backup plan, and then, proceeding to build a career, and rebuilding my life independently, which led me to learn to be happy.

As soon as I shared this story, worries took over me. Talking about personal things seemed like a bad idea, especially when it’s so personal! I was worried about being taken the wrong way, being inaccurate, or somehow, my story being public and affecting my kids!

I wanted to take it down. Delete this video forever, and go back to being a “teaching expert,” where work is not personal, and I can feel “safe.”

A small voice within told me to just leave it, because when it’s this uncomfortable, it’s probably the right thing for my growth.

Within two days of that video, a woman, who I had never met or have spoken before, messaged me. 

She was in a toxic marriage, and inquired about getting help in her relationship, where she was starting to feel hopeless.

I shared more content like this… and shockingly, more and more clients were signing up with me after hearing my story.

An essential part of being an influential woman in business is owning herself fully and completely. It requires you to see yourself as a thought leader, rather than a plain expert with a practice to fill. It requires us to share what we have created in our lives, because what we’ve done creates the aspirational energy to help our clients make forward movement in their life and career.

There are plenty of experts, but people only want help from those who they can connect with at a personal level. Telling authentic, aspirational stories is powerful. 

Being an influential woman in business does one thing well. She connects deeply with her audience.

Influential women in business connect deeply with her audience that they can’t wait to work with her! 

How do influential women in business connect to their audiences so well? Here are the steps!

  1. Discovering Strengths:

Teaching what you’ve done is the most powerful, inspirational element of a thought leader. When we share what we’ve done, we don’t just have knowledge. We have wisdom, that knowledge alone cannot compete with. People are convinced by your wisdom and experience, because factual knowledge is something that can be Googled and learned in books and school. Wisdom is how to apply this knowledge, which is far from being easy.

2.  Get Over Yourself and Face Your Shadows:

You may feel so uncomfortable with sharing your stories, because you’re worried about what other people may think, and more than anything else, how your personal stories will affect people in your personal life. Most of these worries are not real. When you worry about this, you’re likely only worried about the opinions of those who are not your people, meaning, they’ll never be your support group, nor will become your clients. Don’t worry, and the faster you get over yourself, you’ll find yourself shining brightly, and helping others shine too!

3. Owning the room. 

Once you know what your strengths are, you have to double down on that. Go all in on this extremely narrow area. Owning the room on this topic is the foundation to being an influential woman in business. Every successful business woman started with a narrow area of expertise, and she strived to dominate that industry. Own the room!

If you’ve been stuck in growing your business, know that you’re having a hard time in the three aforementioned areas. When you conquer the three, you’re able to consistently make traction in your business every month, and keep growing. 

Business is incredibly spiritual, because it requires us to become someone we’ve never been. It requires us to know our strengths really well, and know how to double down on this from a position of being aspirational. 

We also have to become really good at overcoming our own judgments, resistance, and obstacles, as these are essential entrepreneurship qualities

Discover your strengths, spread your energy wide, and own the room with your message!

Read the entertaining Best Seller, Am I There Yet? about this whole process about becoming visible, while learning to own yourself. 

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