What does it take to feel successful?

Many people are successful, but are far from feeling like a success.

I will never forget about my client Angie, who was a female executive in a male-dominated industry, who shared with me that she had once negotiated with the Prime Minister of an European country, so her company can implement certain strategies.

She knew she was successful, but she did not feel successful.

While telling me this story, she brushed it off saying, “oh yeah, that thing I once did…”


Strong people think about the next thing they can conquer, the next income goal, the next milestone to help them feel accomplished, without recognizing and acknowledging that they are already accomplished.

They are highly focused, yet quick to brush off and minimize their successes.

Strong people are known to be responsible, to take on a lot, and have great willpower. They support, help, and have a heart of service. They accomplish the impossible for others.

Then, one day, you realize, that you have a hard time accomplishing more.

You hit an invisible glass ceiling.

Your battery runs out.

You suddenly realize that you’re lonely.

The Journey of Mindset to Success Requires You To Shift From Strong To Powerful.

It’s not uncommon for strong people to feel alone, under-appreciated, drained, and powerless.

Not recognizing your success is neglecting your own need. Recognizing your own success is a need, and when you don’t, it continuously damages your self-esteem.

The mindset to success is recognizing and feeling how successful you are.

Then, you feel powerful!

Strong is who you had to become to excel in your life. Growing up, you likely didn’t have a lot of resources handed to you, in terms of emotional support, and sometimes, even material support. You were often taking on more responsibility than what was considered “normal” for your age. You also had to push with grit to overcome the challenges of your environment.

Strong is a habit, and a way of being. It’s who you had to become to handle life. It’s not who you are, and it’s not who you have to be now.

Being strong puts you in a physical and mental overdrive. You can be strong and be internally struggling with other people’s opinions, the incessant fear of failing those you care about, and massively questioning who you are, and your abilities.

Being strong has helped you to excel to this point, but if you aren’t getting inner peace, harmony, satisfaction, and living a life of success on your terms… it’s time to rethink this pattern of being.

Stop being strong. Commit to becoming powerful instead.

How to Become Powerful – The Truth Behind the Mindset to Success

The mindset to success transition to becoming powerful is counter-intuitive. Unexpectedly, it goes against the grain of being strong.

  1. Becoming powerful starts with recognizing how amazing you’ve been, without any guilt and shame! Everyone has something that they can be incredibly proud of!
  2. Make decisions for yourself, instead of only thinking about what other people need. Recognizing what you need, what you deserve, and meet them for yourself.
  3. Never betray yourself again! Become excellent at saying “no!” if it doesn’t meet your requirements, without feeling bad! Saying “no” is saying “yes” to yourself.

Your life will soar when you stop relentlessly enduring to please a situation that doesn’t work for you.

To soar, you will inevitably experience some soreness that comes with change. But on the other side, this is how you reemerge as a powerful phoenix.

Become a force of nature.

To read more on the journey of strong to powerful, read the Best Seller, Am I there Yet? The Messy Business of Being Yourself When You Have No Idea Who That Is.