Quote By Stephen Chbosky

It’s inarguably true. Love and money are human’s two greatest treasures. They also happen to be our greatest shared pain.

Seldom we meet those who honestly have a healthy dynamic in both of these areas. When we speak of money patterns, we refer to several things: the method of earning, retention, and growth. Some people may have great earnings, but are stuck feeling unaligned and dissatisfied in their career. This is the quintessential pain of many accomplished professionals, waking up to face this pain every morning, struggling to open their eyes and to get out of bed.

How does a person’s love life predict someone’s financial patterns and career satisfaction? Quite simply, the symptoms in these two areas reflect a common root cause: their hidden self-worth.

When working with highly accomplished clients, none of them initially believe that they have self-worth issues. In fact, they see themselves as very confident and achieving. People see their career dissatisfactions, and their permanent single life or unhappy marriages, as unrelated, separate issues. As life always has its curious ways, the seemingly unrelated happen to be closely related. In fact, they end up being about the exact same issue.

High accomplishing professionals built an armour of perfection. They seem indestructible. Vulnerability, and the real deep honesty that comes with it, is a concept for those who can’t fight a good fight to win. These wonderful group of talent is the most likely to suffer in silence, because admitting a deeply personal issue feels like failure, and there is nothing more unacceptable than this level of failure. They are very unlikely to admit their pain and seek help… until, perhaps, they meet the right person, like me, or they come to the end of the rope… many of them seek help, not for themselves, but for the sake of their family.

“How You Do One Thing Is How You Do Everything.”

I’m sure you’ve heard this over and over. Then we can definitely say that how you are in your love life is how you are in your career and finances.

How does self-worth tie these two areas? Our satisfaction in both areas have all to do with the following: what we believe is possible, what we believe we deserve, and what we believe is available to us.

Therefore, putting on a mask to pretend that our love life doesn’t need addressing, while butting our heads to win in our career, will never give us the desired, long-term results.

Observe the epitome of the happiest, greatest successes all around. Will and Jada Smith, Bill and Melinda Gates, Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi… is it a coincidence that those who are truly successful, meaning, fully satisfied and abundant in both career and finances, are both the most aligned individuals in their career, and their relationship is some of the best known success in the media?

Are they the exception?

As soon as you choose to believe that someone who “has it all” is an exception, it’s a reflection of a serious mindset issue. Someone born into an impoverished, discriminatory condition can choose to think the same, or they can become Oprah Winfrey.

Over the years, I have worked with and observed many entrepreneurs, VPs, and C-Suite… and their biggest problem always comes back to the relationship. Most of the times, they can’t even admit that there is something that needs addressing, because they have gotten so accustomed to feeling this way. When we don’t even know what’s possible, there is no force pulling us towards change. When these issues are not addressed properly, it leads to adultery, mid-life crisis, drinking, and other self-sabotaging habits. It’s no surprise that those with negative relationship patterns end of self-sabotaging their precious careers.

It’s not unusual for some of my excellent professional clients, who earn a great living, are struggling with cashflow in secret… but months after working with me, they recover fully, as they excitedly move onto the career path that gives them joy, move into their dream neighbourhood… the results vary, but they all show similar new beginnings.

It just takes one person to change the relationship satisfaction, because all relationships begin with the dynamic you bring to the table. Relationships are like tennis. You get back what you serve. When you learn to stop hitting back the ball, the negative dynamic also ends. You stop getting the same undesirable results.

What happens when you improve your relationship? This is only possible when you upgrade what you believe it’s possible, what you believe you deserve, and what is available to you. Therefore, you expect to see the same great possibilities and better opportunities in your career. When you become used to being loved for the way you want to be loved, you see and choose opportunities that also meet your deepest desires. You can now think openly and be elevated in your decisions. When you address and become honest with this deepest, darkest corner of yourself, you’re ready to claim that true success that has always been available for you.

You CAN have it all. Only if you let it.

What is true success? It’s being fully aligned with the legacy you want to leave behind. There is nothing more energizing and motivating than having the clarity of what true success exactly means for you.

How do you fix your love patterns and become aligned with your true success? I work with my clients in a rapid transformative process that transforms them in record time, because we go straight into locating the root cause and upgrading them from the subconscious, where these patterns live.

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